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Vanessa Morris

Ringwood North Primary School

Role at school:

I have returned from family leave on a part time basis (2 days a week). I am the eLearning Coordinator which involves running professional learning for staff and managing eLearning across the school. I also work with the Grade 5 and 6 students teaching coding, digital media and maths.

From your experience, what are the top two or three apps the school has embraced? How are they being used?

iTunes U

Currently the Grades 5 and 6 classes have embraced this app in a number of ways, one example is how we are using it to manage 'point of need' math sessions where students take control of their learning by participating in different lessons from different teachers according to their own needs. app

Book Creator and Explain Everything

Other apps that have had a consistent benefit to teaching and learning throughout the years are student creating apps like Book Creator and Explain Everything. Allowing students the opportunity to choose how to show their understanding is more engaging and allows teachers a real insight into their thought processes. appapp

Swift Playgrounds

I'd like to also mention that I am currently using Swift Playgrounds with our Grade 6 students for coding this year and have found it to be a really interactive and clear way to teach coding concepts. app

Published materials by the school

The school has a Global2 blog for sharing ideas on how to effectively use iPads for learning.

Published materials by teacher

iTunes U course

RNPS Year 5 and 6 - Respect - Challenge Based Learning

iBooks - Student made

The Princess and the Monster

This book was written by a Year 5 student at RNPS and has been downloaded over 4000 times worldwide!

RNPS's Guide to a Positive Digital Culture

The student's first published book!

All About Science

The Journey into the Mystery Forest

It's Okay to be Different

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