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Nick Burley

Ringwood North Primary School

Role at school:

I am Assistant Principal at Ringwood North Primary School with a focus on research and development in building staff capacity around digital technologies. My responsibilities include overseeing our school's Challenge Based Learning Program as well as our school's involvement in the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning global initiative.

From your experience, what are the top two or three apps the school has embraced? How are they being used?

iTunes U

Teachers are creating their own iTunes U courses. Has proven to be fantastic as a planning tool as well as a platform for students to work within, accessing resources both at school and at home. app

Book Creator

Nice, simple app for students to document and showcase their learning and publish writing pieces. The ability for students to add photos, video and audio recording is great. Teachers have also been creating book templates and sharing them with students to work in. app


Fantastic for digital portfolios. The ease in which students can upload work samples, photos and videos is great. Gives parents a great snapshot of hte work that is happening in class. app

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