iPads for Learning

Teacher Spotlights

Charles McLear

Warrnambool Primary School

Role at school:

Grades 5 and 6, Graduate teacher (first year), ICT implementation in the classroom

From your experience, what are the top two or three apps the school has embraced? How are they being used?


I use Seesaw in my classroom for everything, it allows children to show accountability of their own work in class. Students are required to post all their work on their Seesaw pages and are encouraged to use a range of different ways of presenting it from a video using VideoScribe to the simplest Book Creator presentation. It also opens up lines of comunication with parents to see that their child is actually learning throughout the day. app


Socrative is a great way to pre and post-test students providing me with measurable excel data that can be measured over time. app

Powerpoint for iPad Pro

Powerpoint for iPad Pro may seem boring but it doesn't have to be. It is a powerful tool within the classroom as you can quickly write up various lessons in advance and is a great way of prsenting material with the aid of an Apple Pencil. app

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