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Derinya Primary School

Derinya Primary School is situated on the Mornington Peninsula with a current student population of 700. The school has been on a four year school wide ICT journey using iPads for learning.

The school began this journey with school owned devices across the school. Currently in F-2 the iPad to student ratio is 1:4 and in grades 3-6 the ratio is 1:2. In 2015 after thorough planning, including extensive consultation with the school community, the school has embarked on an optional BYOD program for students in grades three to six. Presently 130 students are participating in this program.

At Derinya Primary there is an emphasis on the use of "Apps" to support literacy programs in the Early Years and quick response maths practice across the school. Parents receive annual information relating to the school endorsed Apps and are also encouraged to purchase these Apps for the BYOD program. Parents have an understanding that the effective use of technology requires a partnership between home and school. Information nights are held regularly to ensure parents are kept well-informed on how iPads are being used in the classroom and how they have a positive impact on student learning, engagement levels and deeper thinking.

Throughout the school, various iPad creation tools and apps are regularly used including Garageband, i-movie and Word Clouds. These open-ended creation tools encourage students to create their own content which helps them to demonstrate and develop their understanding of new concepts. All classrooms utilise interactive whiteboards in conjunction with Reflector which enables iPad images and programs to be projected for student viewing and interaction.

The students in the upper years currently store their work in a digital workspace using Evernote and this has been used successfully in many classrooms. The school is now embarking on the next step of their journey in embracing the Microsoft Office 365 platform as a common and consistent approach for students and teachers to utilise and leverage the benefits of ICT and their iPad both at school and at home.

Derinya Primary School believes that ICT plays an essential role in the creation of confident and global life-long learners. In partnership with the school community, this school has articulated a clear and consistent vision for the use of iPads in learning.

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