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Albert Park College

Albert Park College reopened in 2011, with the vision of providing a 21st century learning environment through an interactive online curriculum. To make this vision a success all aspects of digital learning – the technical; classroom teaching and leadership – have been involved, creating a new and unique approach to teaching and learning.

As a 'new' school the decision was made to use the ‘Apple’ platform. All students from year’s 7-9 use iPads and years’ 10-12 students use Macbooks. Many of the students continue to use both devices and the concept of anywhere, anytime learning is embraced throughout the school and embedded within their culture. This approach across the school ensures collaboration, content and regular feedback can be consistent and as user friendly as possible. The school’s e-Learning Leader, Hayley Schirmer, explains that the benefit that this approach brings is that teachers are able to spend time on delivering appropriate rich pedagogical content rather than spending their time searching for new effective ways to deliver content electronically.

Teachers are supported in the use of iPads in the classroom through the provision of regular professional development opportunities including regular discussions, support and feedback around how to leverage the benefits of technology in the classroom. An exciting and simple professional learning opportunity used throughout the school is “iPad Smackdown” where colleagues regularly share a new App or website that can help enhance the teaching and learning program.

When considering iPads as an option for your school, Hayley states that “…the iPads must be critical to the core business of your teaching and learning program rather than being seen as an ‘add on.’ With the right ingredients including a clear school vision, supportive leadership and staff, and a robust network, iPads can be used to assist the learning journey of our students.”

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