iPads for Learning

Introducing iPads

Teacher and student iPad

The discerning use of digital technologies in the classroom can maximise learning opportunities. Students learn how to engage with the world around them, connect, collaborate, access information and acquire digital skills to participate in life and work.

Introducing iPads for learning is a huge investment for schools and the school community. It is therefore important that schools adequately prepare for the introduction of iPads by:

  • undertaking research
  • establishing a rationale for the use of iPads for learning
  • engaging School Council in the decision
  • conducting a detailed readiness assessment and
  • deciding the funding model to be used for the purchasing of iPads.

 Online resources

The Department provides policy, advice and guidelines to support schools introducing 1-to-1 learning programs.

Resources include:

Apple Resources

Apple provides resources and planning guides to support schools introducing iPad programs.

 Online resources

Eight Elements for Success

This ibook introduces eight elements that are the foundations for successfully creating technology-rich learning environments. While this book is not a planning guide, it does explain the importance of each element, and it will help school leaders understand what it takes to successfully implement an iPad program. Throughout the book, you’ll find interactive exercises and links to resources.

Education Deployment Guide

This guide will help teachers understand what type of content is available in each of the iTunes stores, how to access the stores from a Mac or iPad, and find tips on how to search each store and education curated collections for the type of content they might use in their classrooms.

Discovering Educational Content for iPads

This ibook covers the steps involved to deploy iPad successfully in both one-to-one and shared device environments, including how to prepare your school's infrastructure, set and deploy iPad, and enable teachers in their classrooms.

Tools for Formative Assessment

With iPad, teachers can extend, improve, and streamline the ways they embed formative assessment in daily instruction. This book highlights three types of apps on iPad and provides ideas for how to use them to conduct formative assessment and inform classroom practice.

Research for Educators

With the help of academic researchers, Apple created this book to give teachers a few ideas about how to conduct research in their classroom, school, or region. They’re basic, easy-to-conduct studies that can be used as is or adapt to teachers own needs.

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