iPads for Learning

Apps in Education


Apps build on the functionality of an iPad by providing a variety of resources for students and teachers to access to enhance their learning.

 Things to consider

  • Schools are encouraged to research and test applications to select those that best meet identified learning needs.
  • It is preferable to have a core suite of apps that can be used across the curriculum than have a large number of apps where some rarely get used.
  • Apps need to be accessed to ensure that privacy, copyright and consent issues are addressed.
  • Apps range in price from free to some specialist apps costing over $100 so it is important to investigate which apps will get the most use in your teaching and learning program. Be aware that free apps may have in app purchase advertising which can negatively affect the experience of using the app.

Evaluating apps for the classroom

There are many resources available to assist educators in determining whether an app will be suitable for their learning and teaching needs.

 Online resources

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