iPads for Learning

App toolkit for educators

Here are some apps that have been identified as useful for teaching and learning.

Please note: These apps are a teacher resource. Teachers are advised of the need to check the terms and conditions, privacy, and age restrictions of digital resources before using them with students. Teachers need to be aware of how and where their students' information and content is used and shared by the digital technologies they plan to use. Parental consent must be obtained to use a student's personal information to generate accounts and provide access to online services. Non-identifiable information should be used by students working online. Information can be found at: Consent, Acceptable Use Agreements and Online Services.

Apps for:

Adobe Connect

Attend meetings, webinars and virtual classrooms. View, record, participate in and host online meetings.

Adobe Spark

Combine icons, pictures, text and voice into animations and videos.

Avaz Australia

Communication app for children with learning and speech disorders, customised for Australian audiences.

Book Creator

Book Creator is the simple way to make your own ebooks on your iPad.

Bully Stoppers

Learn how to act responsibly and stay safe online.


Classroom management tool that focuses on positive feedback and parent communication.

Coach's Eye

Record athletes in action, then use the video analysis tools to see where improvements can be made.

Comic Life

Have fun creating your own comics.


Aims to improve handwriting readiness and fine motor skills.


Tool for consolidating and storing class notes and learning materials.


Tool for consolidating and storing class notes and learning materials.


A collaborative workspace that allows you to sync your notes and recordings between all of your devices.

Explain Everything™

A screencasting tool, video tool and presentation tool all in one.


Create music using Touch instruments and a full recording studio.

Google Classroom

Keep classes organised, and improve communication with students.


Learn to code and create your own games and animations.


Communication app - lets users design flash cards, visual schedules routines and more.


Create your own HD movies using stills and video footage.

iTunes U

Digital classroom organiser application.


Keynote helps you create stunning slideshow presentations.

My Talking Picture Board

Designed for users with a visual impairment - this app is designed to help users differentiate between varying images that come from the user's photo library.


Create mobile presentations and lessons that can be shared with students.


Notability allows you to sketch ideas, annotate documents, complete worksheets and make presentations.


Create charts, graphs and spreadsheets.


Word processing software.

Pic Collage

PicCollage allows you to combine photos, YouTube videos, text, stickers and cutouts to create collages.


A simple way to create visual stories and talking books.


Popplet allows you to jot down your ideas and then sort them visually.


A comprehensive text-to-speech app.


Communication app - users can use symbols, recorded voices, images, buttons, text and other forms of communication.

Puppet Pals HD

Create unique shows with animation and audio.


Quizlet makes simple tools that can assist with studying.

rED Writing

Teaches students how to write using the same handwriting techniques taught in Australian schools.

RIDBC AuslanTutor

Video-based Auslan teaching app.


Tool to guide parents through the Victorian Curriculum.


Tool for capturing work completed by students in class, using the tablet device’s camera function.


Effortlessly assign, collect, and review student work from anywhere.

Smiling Mind

Meditation for wellness, relaxation and stress-relief.

Socrative Student

Enables students and teachers to share ideas and interact with responses in real time.

Speech sounds on cue

Speech therapy app designed to improve articulation.

Swift Playgrounds

Learn to write code using Swift platform.


Helping users to identify objects they encounter in everyday life.


Platform to upload written projects to identify potential referencing errors.

Wolfram Alpha

Generate answers and reports for complex questions.

Word Wizard

Students can listen to the sounds of letters and words to practise their spelling.

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