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11 May 2011 10:35am
iPads have opened doors for many of our specialist school students. We have many students working below the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) who are learning to reach out and make contact with an object on the iPad. Through engaging apps such as Pocket Pond, Bloom HD and SoundPrism some students are now experimenting with moving their hands around the screen as a result of the exciting effects that occur.

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  • Students with Disabilities
Publisher TriggerWave LLC
App release date 6 June 2012
Review date 14 November 2013
Price Free

Learning Focus

Students experience the cause and effect of moving their hands across the screen (to interact with the virtual pond setting).

Learning and Teaching Ideas

Use this app to encourage students to explore the cause and effect of moving their hands across the screen. If suitable, ask them to explain the effects of their hand movements (e.g. Ask them to explain why the fish scatter when they touch them).

Year levels

  • Early Years
  • Special Settings



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