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  • Arts
  • English
Publisher Epic Games, Inc.
App release date 29 January 2013
Review date 7 November 2013
Price Free

Learning Focus

Students can use this app as a source of inspiration for creative story writing.

Learning and Teaching Ideas

Teachers at Ringwood North Primary School created the Epic Citadel Challenge.
Here’s the Epic Citadel Challenge students were set:
• create a digital story utilizing photos from the app Epic Citadel
• the digital story may include text, or it may not. It may be a collage, a poem. It is entirely up to you, as long as it tells some sort of story
• use any apps you like to create your story
• your story must be no more than 3 minutes
• all finished stories must include a short reflection by the student before being uploaded.
• Please answer these questions: How did you create your story? What worked well? What didn't? What skills do you think you have learnt in completing this task?

Ideas to get started
• sequence your pictures in Keynote in order to add text to your snapshots
• create a short film in Reel Director where you can include transitions, audio and even record a voiceover
• use Doodle Buddy to stamp new characters over the top of the pictures
• use Strip Design to create a comic. Insert pictures into frames, add text and speech bubbles
use apps that allow you to compose your own music to create a soundtrack or ambience.

Year levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary


animation, communication, images, storytelling, writing

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