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  • Creativity/Multimedia
  • Arts
  • English
  • History
Publisher Vivid Apps
App release date 4 October 2013
Review date 20 November 2013
Price $3.79

Learning Focus

Students develop skills to summarise and sequence key elements.

Learning and Teaching Ideas

Ask students to use Strip Designer to create a timeline outlining the sequence of a key historical event. After researching a topic from the History Maps app, challenge the students to include all the relevant facts and information, to demonstrate their understanding, in a concise manner by using Strip Designer. Ask students to begin with a storyboard or plan. They could use a range of apps to plan including Idea Sketch, Corkulous, To Do or Bento. After completing their planning, students can then create their comic or graphic novel.

Alternatively, if you're reading a book in class you could divide the novel into the number of parts that is equivalent to the number of children in your class. Then ask each child to create a Strip Designer page that reflects the key themes of their assigned section of the novel.

Year levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary


art, class novel, comic, digital storytelling, history, images, storyboarding, storytelling, timeline, writing

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