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  • Mathematics
  • Students with Disabilities
Publisher Apple
App release date 22 October 2013
Review date 13 November 2013
Price $12.99

Learning Focus

Students can use this app to develop an understanding of how to create charts and how to select the appropriate format to present data. 

Learning and Teaching Ideas

Carry out a quick classroom survey to collect some data. Ask students to use the Charting tool to add rows and name labels to create a variety of charts such as bar and pie. Discuss the colour coding, size of section and how the data is presented. Ask probing questions to support students to analyse the data.

Another activity could be to collect data on purchases from the supermarket (from a shopping reciept). Then use Numbers to categorise the food, (e.g. in accordance with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating) and create a graph. Ask students to interpret and anaylse the graph - What improvements could be suggested in regards to food intake? What are the limitations of just using purchases from the supermarket? Then ask students to write up a report of their findings or contribute their thoughts to a class wiki.

Year levels

  • Secondary
  • Special Settings


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