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  • Personal/Organisational
  • Collaborative/Visualising Thinking
Publisher Learnology
App release date 2 October 2013
Review date 13 November 2013
Price Free

Learning Focus

A tool for teachers to engage with and foster flipped learning.

Learning and Teaching Ideas

Use this app to scaffold learning and to gain greater knowledge of students’ understandings and engagement. With Verso you can:

  • Create and share pre-lesson content (or 'flips') with students, using videos, images, files or websites.
  • Provide every student with a voice. Their responses and thoughts are anonymous to their peers to encourage participation.
  • Promote collaboration, communication and critical thinking between students as they are free to comment on their classmates' responses after they have written their own.
  • View student responses and peer-to-peer contributions in real-time.
  • Group learner responses to support effective planning, classroom management and personalised instruction.
  • View longitudinal data charting student progress in developing key literacies and social learning skills.

Year levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary


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